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How Can I Help 

Our aim is to support the creation of your jewellery collection by providing you with an unparalleled and complete jewellery consultancy and manufacturing services.  

Gemstone Sourcing & Cutting 

Navigating the intricate and diverse diamond and coloured stone markets is not always straightforward. We are here to help. At Artisan Atelier we are trained gemologists, accredited by G.I.A. Additionally we have over ten years of experience cultivating relationships with prominent diamond and coloured stone dealers, in the UK and worldwide. We can use our industry connections to source the best gemstones, perfect for a luxury to fine jewellery pieces.

Ring Making

Manufacturing & Production

Every collection you entrust to us for manufacture is hand made by skilled craftsmen. Jewellery making begins with the casting process (using your Prototype models) whereby moulds are made for your pieces and then they are filled with molten metal. We own our own casting facilities therefore we can guarantee the purity of the alloy casted. We cast moulds in the following precious metals: 

silver 925, 14ct gold 585, 18ct gold 750 and platinum 950. 


After the casting process is complete, if necessary, your gemstones will be set and then your pieces will go on to be finished. 

CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

Once we have a design you are happy with, we will create a 3D image or of your products using Computer Aided Design (CAD). C.A.D replaces manual drafting with an automated process and so increases the productivity of the design process. This will save you money and improve the quality of the designs. 


Stone Setting

Accomplished stone setting is one of the most fundamental stages of the jewellery making process. The chief function of a setting is to hold a gem securely. However its purpose is also to show off and enhance a gemstone by complimenting its cut, colour and of course clarity. If you have selected to use diamonds or coloured stones in your jewellery collection you can be sure that our manufacturers employ only expert stone setters who each specialise in a particular style of setting or in setting a particular type of stone.  

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