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The Creative Concept.

Artisan Atelier is run by a professional and meticulous acclaimed  jewellery designer and consultant, with over 10 years experience in the trade. At Artisan Atelier, we are highly accomplished in product development, design and manufacturing, within the luxury and fine sector.

Our aim is to support the creation of your jewellery collection by providing you with an unparalleled and complete jewellery consultancy and manufacturing service.






We offer an entire range of services from design innovation and direction, to CAD modelling and prototyping, through to full production. In addition, we will not limit your order quantities to set minimums.

By utilizing years of experience in design and consultancy alongside our extensive knowledge and experience in working with ateliers and supply chains internationally, we can enable your jewellery collections to become a reality. We also offer faster turnaround times and without compromising on craftsmanship.

So whether you are a jewellery designer who would like to concentrate solely on the design work or needs a new manufacturing partner, or a jewellery retailer with an idea for your own collection, we can help.

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