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​​​Gemstone Sourcing

Navigating the intricate and diverse diamond and coloured stone markets is not always straightforward. We are here to help. At Artisan Atelier we are trained gemmologists, accredited by G.I.A. Additionally we have over ten years of experience cultivating relationships with prominent diamond and coloured stone dealers, in the UK and worldwide. We can use our industry connections to source the best gemstones, perfect for a luxury to fine jewellery pieces.


Turquoise Gems

If desired, we can use our expertise to recommend gemstones and diamonds that will compliment the style of your collections. If you are a gemstone novice, we will be happy to introduce you to new and interesting gemstones that will accentuate you collection. We will also be happy to discuss their physical properties with you, so that you can make informed decisions.

At Artisan Atelier we have strict protocols when sourcing diamonds and coloured stones. All our diamond suppliers are members of the British Jewellery Association (BJA), the London Diamond Bourse and Club or the World Federation of Diamond Bourses. This ensures that all our diamonds are bought in adherence to the Kimberley process, ensuring that they are ethically sourced and conflict free.


Our coloured gemstone suppliers are all members of the International Coloured Stone Association (ICA) and we ensure that they are also responsibly sourced. Additionally, as we are trained in gemstone sorting and separating, the authenticity of all our gemstones is guaranteed.​

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