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Repair and Restoration.

It's easy to dismiss and discard unwanted, old or worn out pieces of jewellery. However, at Artisan Atelier, we can renew items by repairing and restoring them. We repair and restore all diamond and gemstone jewellery as well as gold, platinum and silver jewellery. We offer diamond and gemstone sourcing and matching for replacement and can even repair antique items, so they can be worn again for generations to come. 


Through our specialised design and advice service, we can also help you to redesign your jewellery and transform your items into wearable and desirable pieces. 


In addition to our tailored services we also offer pearl restringing, ring sizing and re-sizing, chain soldering and complex re-mounting. 

If you have any repair or restoration work you would like undertaken, please contact us to book a free consultation where we can discuss your preferences.

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